And then there are a few wild specimens of the trample

And then there are a few wild specimens of the trample

Formal decision will be made in December

The application phase began on July 1st and will last until September 1st. Then regional conferences are planned, at which the candidates present themselves, as well as a member survey. The formal decision will be made at a party conference in early December.

"Posture problem": Candidate for SPD chairmanship criticizes his party"Just trumpet it like that": Kühnert speaks about SPD chairmanship Chief (s) wanted: Who will lead the SPD out of the crisis?

So far, there have been three pairs of applicants for the successor to the resigned SPD leader Andrea Nahles SPD chairmanship: European Minister of State Michael Roth and the North Rhine-Westphalian ex-family minister Christina Kampmann, vice-parliamentary group leader Karl Lauterbach and the environmental politician Nina Scheer and the Flensburg mayor Simone Lange and the Lord Mayor of Bautzen, Alexander Ahrens. Only Roth and Kampmann have so far fulfilled the condition that the candidates must be supported by at least five SPD sub-districts, one SPD district or a state association. 

Sources used: news agencies Reuters and afp

The German party landscape is in a state of upheaval: While the SPD is crumbling the ground under its feet, the Greens remain on top. A new survey confirms this trend.

In the Forsa survey published on Saturday, the SPD continued to slide and fell to its lowest level since 1949. In the RTL / ntv trend barometer, it lost one point compared to the previous week and only came in at eleven percent. The Social Democrats land in fourth place behind the Greens, Union and AfD.

If the general election were on Sunday, 27 percent of those eligible to vote would vote for the Greens, as in the previous week, which would remain the strongest party. CDU and CSU again achieve 24 percent. The AfD increases one point to 13 percent. The FDP also wins one point to nine percent, the left remain at eight percent. 

Left parliamentary group leader Bartsch: coalition with SPD and Greens possible After the Bremen election: parties are fighting over red-red-green in the BundUnion and SPD: How honest is the coalition peace?

 After the resignation of Andrea Nahles from the party and parliamentary group chairmanship, the SPD is looking for a new head. Juso boss Kevin Kühnert is repeatedly mentioned as a possible party leader. According to the survey, the majority (56 percent) do not trust him to lead the SPD out of the mood. 23 percent consider Kühnert suitable to become SPD chairman. 21 percent have no opinion on this. Only a quarter of the SPD supporters and former SPD voters put their trust in Kühnert.

Sources used: Reuters news agency

After resigning from the top of the party and parliamentary group, SPD politician Andrea Nahles is now resigning from her last political office. She would like to break new ground professionally in the future. 

The former party and parliamentary group leader of the SPD, Andrea Nahles, is now also stepping down from the Bundestag. She wrote that on Monday to Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, as Nahles had the German Press Agency announced. The SPD parliamentary group also confirmed that Nahles will leave the Bundestag on November 1. After that, the 49-year-old wants to reorient herself professionally. She lives in the Eifel and has a daughter. 

Chief search in the SPD: Now it’s the turn of the members

 With one interruption, Nahles had been in the Bundestag since 1998. She has led the parliamentary group for almost two years since the 2017 federal election. She was also Minister of Labor from 2013 to 2017 and party leader from April 2018 to June 2019. After the disaster of the SPD in the European elections, Nahles came under great pressure – and finally resigned all top positions. 

argumentative essay sampleSources used: dpa news agency

Berlin (AP) – Former SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel complains of reluctance to look for a new party leadership.
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"I see it with great despair and also with growing anger, how the chairmanship of the SPD is being treated almost like an infectious piece of clothing that nobody wants to bring into the house"said Gabriel the "Picture on sunday". "It seems that many are only ever thinking about the question of whether the SPD chairmanship will benefit or harm them." Gabriel headed the SPD from 2009 to 2017.

"I very much hope that people who owe their entire careers to the SPD will now give something back to our party"said the 59-year-old. He himself resigned as party leader because he thought the SPD needed a new beacon of hope. "You have to want to lead the SPD for its own sake and not for your own career aspirations. She is worth it." The SPD now needs new chairmen "who burn for nothing else than not to let the SPD disappear after 160 years. Because it’s about the existence of my party."

"Certificate of poverty for the Ministry of Defense": Expert opinion strengthens doubts about the Bundeswehr’s assault rifle

Those interested in the SPD chairmanship have until September 1st to throw their hat into the ring. So far only the two duos Michael Roth and Christina Kampmann as well as Karl Lauterbach and Nina Scheer have done this. Other possible candidates to succeed the resigned Andrea Nahles are still holding back.

Regarding Nahles’ resignation, Gabriel said: "Politically we were really not the best of friends. But I feel sorry for everyone who, like you, is extremely passionate about politics and then comes to a point where all that remains is to resign." There is also something ruthless about politics. "But she has always done this very hard side of politics herself."

Gabriel also went to court with the work of the federal government: "Unfortunately, Germany is being governed under its capabilities." It is not prepared for a world that is becoming more and more insecure. "We have to expect an increase in unemployment. And the world around us is becoming more dangerous. A perfect storm is brewing. The calm that prevails in Germany is deceptive. There is always no wind in the eye of the hurricane."

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Good morning, dear readers,

here is the annotated overview of the day’s topics:


If you wanted to compare the SPD with an animal, the trample would be an option, for example. Belonging to the genus of the old world camels, subordinate to Schwielensohler, we know the four-legged friend with the scientific name camelus ferus as a domesticated pack animal, on which everyone can send from A to B what they would like to have transported, be they farmers, workers or Chancellor. The trample shoulders all burdens and carry them reliably wherever you want them, even if it perishes in the process. It only needs little food and little love, but can do pretty much anything. With its somewhat shaggy fur and the two wobbling humps on its back, it usually looks a bit silty. It can run for a long time without a drink, but when it gets to one of the rare sources, be it water or a small election victory, it really drinks and feels great. So it is, the pack camel.

And then there are a few wild specimens of the trample. They are not as pleasant as their tamed conspecifics, but rather stubborn, they muck on when everything gets too much for them and roar around. But there are not many, and they are also highly endangered. They listen to names like Karl, Kevin or Gesine, but they cannot stop the slow pace of the herd made up of all the Olafs, Hubertussen and Malus. Sure, if they go all out and really kick you out (which they like to do), something with a lot of new taxes or even better with nationalization, then the entire prairie listens for a moment, then they are invited to the campfires (also called talk shows ) and are allowed to bask a little in the light of attention.

But soon the headlights go out and they are in the dark again, while the domesticated trampoline leisurely trample on their way, still carrying a law here and still enduring a meanness from the Chancellor, they know it no different, they have long got used to it . This is how it goes in the grand coalition on the political prairie of Germany, and you can’t really blame any viewer if they turn away from the buffalo at some point – just as you can’t blame the beasts of burden if they stop at some point sometimes ask why they should go along with it all longer when the reward for their efforts is one election gossip after the other.

Something like that with the German social democracy in the year 156 after its foundation. She stands pretty close to the abyss, and most of the remaining comrades have long understood that. When you talk to them, there are those who have almost lost their faith. There are those who would like to be resurrected but don’t know how to do it. And there are those who rear up. Who can not believe that their once so proud party is lying on the ground like a knocked out boxer or, worse, like a shaggy camel who carries the last of his dignity to the market and stubbornly tramples towards the end. The Juso boss Kevin Kühnert is one of them; But also some of the applicant duos for the party chairmanship are trying not only to breathe new life into the SPD, but also to breathe new ideas.

On the stages of the candidate tour through Germany, participation in the grand coalition all too often turned into a question of fate: People like Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken would like to get out of their forced marriage with Merkel, and so that it doesn’t sound so destructive, they screw the expectations of the exorbitant, demand 500 billion euros extra coal for cities and municipalities – and if they don’t get it, then we’ll let goofy Groko! With such hit songs from the populist textbook, they scored points with the audience. This has led some editorials to cheer the two red champions as favorites for the party leadership.

The candidates for the SPD party chairmanship. (Source: dpa)

If you are not mistaken. The 430,000 SPD members can cast their votes until Saturday, so far more than half are still hesitating, the race will be decided on the last meters. Most of the comrades have neither visited one of the candidate shows nor do they want to be chased into the fenugreek again after the Schulz / Nahles drama. Most should have a fairly clear idea of ​​what their party needs now: fundamental reform of the program, organization and communication, of course. With new heads at the top, of course. But not a castle in the air that sounds good for two weeks and then collapses.