Carl Gustaf removes royal titles from five of seven grandchildren.

Carl Gustaf removes royal titles from five of seven grandchildren.

May the black George Floyd died after a police officer had pushed him to the ground with his knee on his neck for minutes. Anti-racism protests have continued in the United States since then. During this time, Yasmine Jackson was also the victim of a racist attack.

This is how the US protests against police violence went

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After the death of the black American George Floyd in Minnesota as a result of police violence, thousands have been protesting against racism in the United States for over a week. Some of the demonstrations escalated. There are now protests in other countries. Now Michael Jackson’s niece reports and reports on Instagram that she was attacked by a woman with a knife right on her doorstep and stabbed several times in the face. According to Yasmine Jackson’s statements, the perpetrator had a racist motivation.

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A post shared by Yasmine Jackson ⚤ (@yasminejackson_) on May 30, 2020 at 10:24 am PDT

The young woman from Las Vegas shared three photos of herself showing the scars sewn several times on her face and a plaster on the neck. She writes about what happened: “I was stabbed seven times in front of my house because ‘I’m a nigger’.” She was chased by a woman she had never seen before and attacked her with a knife. “She said she was doing this because I’m a nigger. That’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed.”

Jackson, the daughter of Joe Jackson’s illegitimate daughter Joh’Vonnie, asked passers-by to help her during the attack, but no one intervened for now. In the end, however, some people helped her.

“I’m afraid to be alone”

She can barely move her neck and needs a blood transfusion. The attack left its mark, not only on the body and face of Yasmine Jackson, but also on her soul: “I’m afraid to be alone. I don’t deserve it, nobody deserves it,” she writes and explains, that she is “damn proud” of being black. 

Finally, Jackson explains in an update that the perpetrator is now charged with attempted murder, hate crime and assault with a lethal weapon.

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On the “Gofundme” homepage, the nurse has also launched a fundraising campaign entitled “Justice for Yasmine Jackson”. Over $ 18,500 has already been collected there. In the accompanying text Jackson explains: “This incident will affect me for the rest of my life.” She now wants to move out of her apartment. The fear caused by the attack is too great.

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Big changes in the Swedish royal family. Carl Gustaf removes royal titles from five of seven grandchildren. That brings with it further changes for the youngsters.

The mini royals at a glance

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The three children of Princess Madeleine and the two sons of Prince Carl Philip will no longer have royal titles in the future. This change, decided by King Carl Gustaf – grandfather of the mini-royals and Swedish head of state – is intended to make it clear who belongs to the royal family – and who no longer. 

Members of the royal family differ from those of the royal family in that they are used for official tasks representing the head of state and can take on representative tasks, according to the announcement about the changes on the official homepage of the Swedish royal family “Kungahuset”. Members of the royal family are still Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas, Princess Adrienne, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel. 

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No more Royal Highnesses

As a result of the change, however, they are no longer Royal Highnesses. The five still keep the titles of duchess or duke given by the king at birth. Prince Alexander remains the Duke of Södermanland, Prince Gabriel the Duke of Dalarna, Princess Leonore the Duchess, Prince Nicolas the Duke of Ångermanland and Princess Adrienne the Duchess of Blekinge. Their positions in the Swedish line of succession also remain.

While their children will not take on any tasks that belong to the head of state in the future, Prince Carl Philip, his wife Princess Sofia and his sister Princess Madeleine will continue to do so. They also work as usual in their charitable foundations. Due to the decision of Carl Gustaf, the Swedish royal family shrinks to nine members.

“You see it as positive”

As the King’s Marshal, Fredrik Wersäll, announced at a press conference on Monday afternoon, the whole family was privy to this decision. “They see it as positive,” he said. A reporter from “Aftonbladet”, who was present at the press conference, also reports that the five royal children will not receive any compensation due to the change. This is about compensation for the non-ruling members.

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The leading representatives of Sweden are King Carl Gustaf with Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria with Prince Daniel. The latter two will probably now play an even more central role in the royal family than is already the case. Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar keep their titles as children of the heir apparent couple.

Sources used: Kungahuset: Communicating gällande förändringar inom Det Kungl. Huset (swedish) Aftonbladet: Kungahuset blir mindre (swed.)

Prince Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden enjoy the summer with their sons – they don’t want to withhold that from their fans either. 

Princess Sofia: The most beautiful pictures of the Swede

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Prince Philip and Princess Sofia shared a new photo on Instagram. The couple then poses with their sons Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel in front of a flower meadow. The whole family beamed warmly into the camera. 

Harmonious family photo

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“We wish you a nice summer”, the couple wrote about the picture and put a sun emoji behind the words. While the green tones of nature predominate in the background of the photo, those photographed are wrapped in blue and red. Prince Carl Philip and baby Gabriel wear blue shirts, three-year-old Alexander wears a red and white striped shirt, and Mama Sofia wears a long-sleeved dress with a millefleurs pattern in the same colors.

The fans are impressed by the unexpected picture greeting of the son of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden with his sons and his wife. “What a beautiful photo. Such a lovely family,” wrote someone, for example. Or also: “I wish you a great summer too. Alexander and Gabriel are so cute.”

Fans discover similarities

Another user says: “Prince Alexander is Prince Carl Philips Mini-Me, Prince Gabriel is Princess Sofia’s Mini-Me.” Many other comments go in this direction. If you look closely, you can only agree.

Son of Sofia and Carl Philip: Sweet birthday photo of Prince AlexanderNew photo: Sweden’s Prince Alexander out and about with Mama SofiaWinter sports: Mini-Royals Alexander and Gabriel cheer on their papa

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia tied the knot in June 2015 in the Palace Church in Stockholm. The 40-year-old is fourth in line to the Swedish throne after his older sister Crown Princess Victoria and their children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Carl Philip and his wife, who is five years younger than him, became the parents of their son Alexander in April 2016, and Gabriel was born in August 2017. 

Sources used: Instagram profile Prinsparet

Celebrations at the Sweden Royals: Prince Alexander is three years old today. It goes without saying that there is a new portrait of him for the occasion.

Prince Alexander of Sweden is so cute

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With his cute little curls and wrapped in a dark blue owl sweater, Prince Alexander beams into the camera for his birthday photo. In the picture that was published by the Swedish royal family, he has his arm on his knee casually and his head tilted slightly. At the age of three, Alexander already knows how to pose perfectly.

(Source: Josefine Persson / Kungl. Hovstaterna)

The recording is not only shown on the official website of the palace. The photo was also shared on the royal family’s social media profiles. Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip, the parents of the birthday child, write on their Instagram page about the sweet snapshot: “Our beloved Alexander, congratulations on your third birthday!” They put a heart on the whole thing. 

Photo show: Prince Alexander of Sweden is so cuteNew photo: Sweden’s Prince Alexander out and about with Mama SofiaWinter sports: Mini-Royals Alexander and Gabriel cheer on their papa

Prince Alexander is the eldest son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, he is fifth in line to the Swedish throne. The full name of the little prince including his title is: Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Södermanland. The Mini-Royal was baptized on September 9, 2016 in the chapel of Drottningholm Palace. Godmother is among other things Crown Princess Victoria. His younger brother is Prince Gabriel, who will be two years old at the end of August. 

Sources used: official homepage of the Swedish royal family (swed.) Instagram profile Prinsparet

While the Germans celebrate in May, the Swedes honor their fathers on November 11th. To mark the occasion, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia shared a new photo of their boys. 

Family is very important to the Swedish royals. The children of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have not only brought more children into the world themselves, they also live out their family happiness in public. This is now also proven by a new photo that the palace did not post on Instagram. Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip themselves have decided to celebrate Swedish Father’s Day, which is celebrated today, with a very special picture. 

On their private profile, the two royals have now shared a recording that shows the Swedish prince together with his two sons. Carl Philip carries – just like the modern father he is – little Prince Gabriel in a stretcher in front of his chest. His older brother, the two-year-old Prince Alexander, holds his father’s hand while the three men look out into nature.

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“Happy Father’s Day” can be read under the photo that received several thousand likes on Instagram within a very short time. Prince Carl Philip and his wife Sofia do not reveal where the picture was taken. But if you look closely, you can see some interesting details. 

Like, for example, the blonde curls that happily peek out from under the cap that the couple’s eldest son is wearing. While Prince Alexander is out and about in cool checked pants, his younger brother is wearing a jacket in bright orange. And Papa Calr Philip? He also relies on a casual look, which he rounds off with a sporty baseball cap. 

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Only one thing is missing from this casual family photo: Princess Sofia. But she probably pressed the resolver and selected this photo precisely because she cannot be seen on it. After all, on Father’s Day, the focus should be on the lords of creation – and this private photo from the life of the Swedish royals is simply ideal for this.

Sources used: Instagram profile from Prinsparet

Prince Alexander will soon be celebrating his third birthday. There is sure to be a great celebration for the Mini-Royal. He and his mother Sofia visited a charity beforehand.

The mini royals at a glance

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The Royal children are introduced to their special roles at a very early age. Seven-year-old Princess Estelle, daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and heir to the throne, repeatedly takes part in public appearances with her mother. And Prince Alexander, the eldest son of Carl Philip and Sofia of Sweden, was now able to experience one more time what it means to be a royal offspring./p