He received from Sergiño Dest and his shot with the right went high

He received from Sergiño Dest and his shot with the right went high

As the winter market approaches, and after a brief truce from the last closing of the summer transfer window, the rumors regarding the movements of players next January are again gaining strength. And how could it be otherwise, one of the protagonists is Ousmane Dembélé, whose future always seems in the air.


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Ousmane Dembélé

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Manchester United will move for Ousmane Dembele in January

In England, the ‘Daily Mail’ ensures that Manchester United will return to the charge for the French winger. Barça and United already had intense negotiations during the summer, but the operation did not come to fruition as the English wanted a loan with an option to buy and Barça a transfer.

United have now linked two consecutive defeats, one in the Premier against Arsenal and another in the Champions League against Baseksehir. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer begins to lose credit and Pochettino’s name is ringing more and more.

The aforementioned media assures that Dembélé’s option gains strength in the face of the winter market, as the British need an attacker. Barça has financial problems and would accept a transfer downwards, especially considering that next will be the last summer in which the Catalans can make money with the Frenchman – he ended his contract in 2022-.

Betis coach, Chilean Manuel Pellgrini, revealed this Saturday that his compatriot Claudio Bravo, a regular starting goalkeeper for the Verdiblanco team, "had a problem in Bilbao when hitting his first ball, he played with discomfort and tests have determined that he has a muscle injury", with what "will not be in the next matches".


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Pellegini, who directs the most thrashed team in LaLiga Santander, admitted in the press conference prior to next Monday’s game at Benito Villamarín against Eibar that "Receiving so many goals becomes very complicated, it means that you have to score many goals to win". The Chilean assured, however, that he sees "good spirit to the team" despite the fact that after Monday’s defeat in Bilbao (4-0), they were "all annoying, the squad and the coaching staff".

"If we were receiving two goals in each game, I would be more worried. In four games we have conceded only one goal and that is the path that we have to repeat during every game. We have managed to do it in four games of ten"Pellegrini stressed. The Santiago coach pointed out that "defeats hit" but believe that "this coaching staff has the experience to lift your spirits as soon as possible", although it has been days to show "very demanding by not accepting the ways of how it was lost, it is the way that makes you unhappy".

Pellegrini pointed out that "the clear reality" is that the last three defeats of Betis were "visiting Barcelona, ​​Atlético and Athletic, which are difficult points" and is focused on "the important thing, which is to maintain the performance that the team had against Elche (3-1)". The coach did not want "justify anything with the casualties of Nabil Fekir, Sergio Canales or (Aïssa) Mandi" why "the squad has to know how to play at the moment and each player has to show why they are in the squad", although he hopes at least that the French world champion is "available for Monday against Eibar".

The coach does not believe that the Betis turn their back on their team because "This hobby will always be supporting the team" but remembered that "there is an economic reality that cannot be subtracted either. The fan knows it too". For Pellegrini, "there is a total surrender of the players" because they know that Betis has "a massive crowd that supports you through thick and thin", although he did not want to refer to the danger of plunging into the fight for permanence because "that always depends on how you look at the glass", since your team is "now two points from Europe".

Betis thinks of Aleñá to replace Canales

Manuel Pellegrini also assured that "Maradona’s was a death that affected the entire football world for what he was as a player", since no "it is fair to get into other things that do not correspond. He had an image that was a mix between player and fan" Y, "surely, it is among the two or three best in history", said.

Villarreal will decide for Kubo before Betis’ interest

FIFA will have to compensate Betis for Sergio Canales

"I am not analyzing or judging Maradona outside of football. Its quality is undeniable and its passion, absolutely indisputable. He had that way of giving himself to Argentina or Naples with a fan’s passion. That reached the fans a lot, sometimes wrong or not, but it’s just what he reflected", he pointed.

LaLiga has selected the financial services company Rights & Media Funding Limited to sign one of the first large loans to a top-tier European league, which will mean that 11 LaLiga clubs will receive € 67 million in identical five-year periods.

Dec 10, 2020 at 5:53 pm CET

LaLiga worked with JB Capital, an independent financial services provider, and with Pérez Llorca, a leading Spanish law firm, to invite lenders to participate in negotiations on a financing that will strengthen the liquidity of football clubs in LaLiga SmartBank , as well as those clubs recently promoted to LaLiga Santander for the 2020/21 season.

The project was launched to offer LaLiga clubs a tool to help them manage their financial needs in the context of the exceptional circumstances that the coronavirus has caused. 

LaLiga facilitated the access of interested clubs (whose names are not disclosed) to an innovative financing tool that will cover the liquidity needs of the participating teams.

The ‘FANCAM’, the new way to celebrate goals in LaLiga

Joao Félix, best player in LaLiga Santander in November

The general management of LaLiga has ensured that "Obtaining this type of loan is proof of the financial stability and confidence in the future of Spanish LaLiga clubs". He also added that "This operation opens the door to a new financing channel in which clubs can access the market in a coordinated way, obtaining a more solid structure and, therefore, more attractive financing conditions".

Philippe Coutinho regained ownership but not the good feelings. The Brazilian had his greatest contribution with the usual system, in the second half, but he did not even finish the game. He was replaced in the 70th minute by Trincao.

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Philippe Coutinho

The 4-3-3 that Ronald Koeman ‘inaugurated’ in the Barça team’s sixteenth official game brought Philippe to the left-handed interior, a position that is not unknown to him, as Ernesto Valverde insisted on it when the Brazilian signed for Barcelona.

The carioca had a brilliant start, as he starred the first time when only one minute had been played. He received from Sergiño Dest and his shot with the right went high. But it went from more to less in the first half until practically disappearing. He was not decisive in the defensive aids either, as Levante easily reached the goal defended by Ter Stegen.

Replaced by Trincao

The ‘experiment’ for Koeman only lasted 45 minutes and the Dutchman returned to the system with which he feels most comfortable. Coutinho, with no place in the midfielder, behind ‘9’, where he feels more comfortable, continued to be on the left, but already with more offensive missions. The Brazilian took center stage and was more active. At 51 minutes, he looked for one of his ‘house mark’ shots, heeling for the post furthest from the goalkeeper, but did not quite take the necessary effect.

In any case, he participated in greater volume of the team’s game, looking for the combination with Messi, when he looked towards the center, and with Jordi Alba in the band actions. Coutinho was not so bland that he had his ‘zenith’ in Cádiz and that meant the substitution against Juventus, but neither does his baggage solve the doubts. 

Much more is expected from the most expensive signing in club history. Koeman gave him stripes and has pampered, but the injury when he was at his best was fatal to a fragile footballer. Since his return, he has not been the same as before, much less the one who took advantage of the loan to Bayern with the wind in his favor. To make matters worse, Barça scored when they were no longer in the green. It won’t help your morale.

The painful defeat against Atlético de Madrid also resulted in two major injuries that affect the structure of Ronald Koeman’s team. Two basic players in the Barça coach’s scheme such as Gerard Piqué and Sergi Roberto, who will not be able to be in the Champions League game on Tuesday, against Dynamo Kiev.


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Barcelona on red alert for their trip to Kiev

An important problem for the Barça coach who will be forced to make changes to his defensive structure and double pivot, to compose a number of guarantees for the Champions League.

The injury to Gerard Piqué, a regular on Koeman’s team alongside Messi, will force a determination as to who will accompany Lenglet in the center of defense. Under normal conditions, it should be Araújo, although the coach has already assured that he will not arrive for this game or for next Sunday.