March the baby of the Swedish royal family will be a year older.

March the baby of the Swedish royal family will be a year older.

The mini royals at a glance

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There have been some changes in the Swedish royal family. King Carl Gustaf announced on Monday that only the children of his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, would retain the rank of royal highness. The three children of Princess Madeleine and the two sons of Prince Carl Philip have to part with their royal titles.

“Chris and I think it’s good”

A few hours after the king was announced, the parents concerned also speak up via Instagram. On a picture that shows Princess Madeleine with her three children, she wrote: “Today the court went out with the information that Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne will no longer belong to the royal family.”

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This change had been planned for a long time, the princess continued. “Chris and I think it’s good that our children have a better chance in the future to shape their own lives as individuals.”

“We see it so positively”

Her brother, Carl Philip, who is three years her senior, also supports the king’s decision. “We see it so positively how Alexander and Gabriel will have free decisions in life,” he wrote about a picture of himself with his wife Sofia and their two sons.

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“They will keep their princely titles and their duchies of Södermanland and Dalarna, which we treasure and of which we are proud. Our family is closely connected to both landscapes and we are sticking to our commitment.” As a result of the change, Carl Gustaf’s five grandchildren are no longer Royal Highnesses, but they still keep the duchess or duke titles awarded by the king at birth.  

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The change is intended to make it clear who belongs to the royal family – and who no longer. Members of the royal family differ from those of the royal family in that they are used for official tasks representing the head of state and can take on representative tasks. Members of the royal family are still Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas, Princess Adrienne, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel. 

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In October, fans got to see little Adrienne for the last time. Now, five months later, Princess Madeleine has published a new photo. The snapshot shows: The little one has grown pretty big.

The mini royals at a glance

Photo series with 19 pictures

For many, the children’s birthday is a great occasion to share new photos of the little ones with their fans. So also for the royals from Sweden. On March 9th, the baby of the Swedish royal family will be one year older. It is Princess Adrienne’s birthday and her mom Madeleine shares it with her 250,000 followers.

“Happy Birthday to the best little daughter”

The 37-year-old shared a new snapshot of her daughter on Instagram. The picture shows the little girl with curly hair and a pink lace dress. The princess wrote: “Happy Birthday to the cutest little sister and the best daughter.”

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In just a few minutes, the comments piled up under the picture. Many fans wished Princess Adrienne all the best for her second birthday. Others believed they saw a resemblance between her and her mother. Most of the followers were happy to finally see a picture of Adrienne again. The last time Madeleine shared a snapshot of her youngest daughter with users was five months ago.

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Adrienne is not only the youngest child of Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher O’Neill, the two-year-old is also the youngest grandchild of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. They have a total of seven grandchildren. Estelle of Sweden is the oldest granddaughter at eight years old. 

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Unlike most royals, Princess Madeleine of Sweden likes to keep her fans up to date with private snapshots via social media. Now there is a new picture of her eldest daughter.

The mini royals at a glance

Photo series with 19 pictures

The Swedish Princess Madeleine has been living in the USA for several months with her husband Chris O’Neill and their three children, Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne. The family settled in Florida. The four-year-old Leonore seems to have made friends there long ago: She is now part of a ballet group.

“Own Nutcracker Ballerina”

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And Leonore was already on stage with this group of mini ballerinas – at a performance of the well-known Christmas play “The Nutcracker”. Of course, Mama Madeleine was in the audience and she is now sharing a photo of her eldest where she is jumping in the air. She proudly writes: “Our very own nutcracker ballerina.”

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The fans are impressed and write how cute Leonore thinks themselves. One user also says: “It was clear that she would dance, the little whirlwind.” The joy should also be particularly great because the last picture post from the 36-year-old Royal was from November 1st. Maybe she will be reporting on Instagram more often at Christmas time.

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Princess Leonore celebrates her fifth birthday in the sun. And her mom Madeleine’s congratulations are at least as sunny as the weather in Florida.

The mini royals at a glance

Photo series with 19 pictures

Five candles are burning on the cake for Princess Leonore today. How it is celebrated is of course not known. There are still sweet birthday greetings from Princess Madeleine to her eldest daughter on Instagram.

“Thank you for always giving us so much fun”

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Her mother writes about a snapshot of the little Swedish princess wearing a pink dress: “Happy birthday, Leonore. Thank you for always giving us so much fun and making us so happy.”

Under the picture post, a lot of fans congratulate, wish the family a nice day and write how cute they find Leonore. 

Madeleine regularly gives insights into family life

Again and again, Madeleine causes enthusiasm on Instagram with photos of her children. It was only on Tuesday that she shared a snapshot of Leonore and her younger brother Prince Nicolas, which shows the two beaming out of the pool. And who knows, maybe Leonore will spend her fifth birthday in this very place. So it can be endured.

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Grandma and Grandpa from Sweden will not be there. Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf have royal appointments in the palace in Stockholm today, February 20th. But in your mind you will be with your second oldest grandchild Leonore every now and then. By the way, Estelle, the eldest granddaughter of the Swedish royal couple, has her birthday on Saturday. The second in line to the Swedish throne will be seven years old.

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Christmas with the family is a must for many. Just not for Princess Madeleine. The daughter of Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf will not spend the holidays in Sweden.

The mini royals at a glance

Photo series with 19 pictures

For many families, preparations for the festival of love are in full swing. It is lavishly decorated and carefully planned. What’s on the table? What goes under the tree? And who is actually taking part? The royals also ask themselves these questions. Because this year there is not only a change in the British royal family, but also in the aristocratic family from Sweden.

As the court information chief Margaretah Thorgren confirmed to “Svensk Damtidning”, the Swedish royals will have to do without several family members this year. Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neill and their three children will spend the holidays in the States.

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The 37-year-old will be there for a few days in the run-up to Christmas, but she will not be there for Christmas Eve or for her mother’s 76th birthday. “Princess Madeleine is coming to Stockholm at the beginning of December and will be present at the Childhood Award ceremony on December 9th. She stays over the Nobel celebrations and the Lucia Festival. But after that she flies straight back to Florida”, said the court spokeswoman. According to this, Princess Madeleine should stay in Sweden until December 13th.

In 2015 Madeleine was missing once

Neither Chris O’Neill nor the three children come to Europe. The 45-year-old will stay in America with Adrienne, Leonore and Nicolas. In 2018 the family moved to Miami. Nevertheless, they traveled to Sweden for Christmas last year. In 2015, however, Madeleine and Chris celebrated the festival of love in their adopted home, London. By the way, how exactly Christmas looks like with the Swedish royal family is a secret. “Christmas Eve is a private matter,” said the spokeswoman.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have also decided not to spend Christmas with the British royal family this year. As the “Sun” reported, the couple is said to have turned down the Queen’s invitation and instead want to spend the holidays with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

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At her little brother’s christening service, Princess Leonore caused a stir as a little whirlwind. A snapshot from her vacation proves that she can do it differently. 

The baptism of Prince Nicolas of Sweden

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Summertime is vacation time – Princess Madeleine and her loved ones also had a well-deserved vacation. Far away from the hustle and bustle, Swedes enjoy their time as a family. However, if you think that the royals can only be served on vacation and hurry from one luxury store to the next, you will be particularly surprised by the new Instagram photo of Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf’s youngest daughter. 

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Little princess Leonore is sitting on the water on a sea of ​​stones. In a blue summer dress, the four-year-old looks at the net that she is holding in her hand. Because the daughter of Madeleine von Sweden is eagerly waiting to catch something. This is also revealed by the comment that the mother of three posted on this holiday greeting: “She is waiting patiently.”

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It should come as no surprise that this sweet snapshot, which was taken on the Baltic Sea island of Öland, was met with pure enthusiasm among fans. “Sweet how she sits there