SOM) teachers of several Moscow schools spoke

SOM) teachers of several Moscow schools spoke

So, the fate of the exam can be decided in the summer of 2004. If the capitals still refuse to introduce it, then the innovation can be carried forward with feet. The new state exam will not be Unified if, based on its results, one cannot become a student of the country’s prestigious universities. Date: 10/29/2003 Title: The salaries of teachers in the Moscow region have been raised Author: Edition: MOSKOVSKIY KOMSOMOLETS Teachers of the Moscow region will soon receive another increase in their salaries. The regional government yesterday decided to increase the additional payment to the teacher’s rate by 20%. As became known "MK", we are talking about a gradual increase in the income of the teaching staff of the general education institutions of the Moscow region. The next increase will come into force on November 1 this year. So the heads of local self-government bodies of municipalities were recommended to quickly adopt the relevant regulations and ensure the timely payment of subsidies to teachers of local educational institutions (houses of creativity, etc.). The regional budget guarantees teachers and educators of regional preschool, primary, secondary and secondary specialized educational institutions. Thus, over the past year, the regional surcharge has grown to 70% to the rate of a teacher, which, by the way, has recently increased throughout Russia.New arrivals to the DPO website Section "Exhibitions, conferences, seminars":

The Department of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University) and the European Center for Quality are planning an All-Russian Conference "National quality system and assessment of the effectiveness of additional vocational education, taking into account international requirements"…

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The Department of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Russian Institute of State Registrars under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (RIGR) held a scientific-practical seminar on October 9-10, 2003 in Moscow on the topic "State registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it"

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October 14, 2003

For presented at the third regional scientific and practical conference "Information technology in education" (ITO-ROSTOV-2003), held in Rostov-on-Don on October 9-10 this year, report "Complex automation of administrative, financial and economic activities of educational institutions, the company was awarded the First Degree Diploma.

The diploma was presented by the Minister of General and Professional Education of the Rostov Region LF Kovalev.

October 10, 2003

October 29 – November 1, 2003 in Moscow, at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC), the All-Russian Forum will be held "Educational environment 2003" and the Fifth Anniversary Exhibition – Fair "Modern educational environment"dedicated to new technologies in education.

The software products developed by the company will be widely presented at stand No. 1 of pavilion No. 57 of the above-mentioned exhibition. We invite educators, participants and guests of the forum to visit our stand.

We will be happy to acquaint you with the functionality of our software products, as well as demonstrate new developments of the company, including "AIAS School Library" and a specialized system for the comprehensive automation of the activities of educational authorities.

(review prepared by GNII ITT "Informa")Date: 15.07.2003 Title: Virtual teacher and real students Author: KONSTANTIN LIPIKHIN Publishing: ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA The first Internet school announces recruitment An unusual experiment – an attempt to create a model of an Internet class – is COMPLETED. The experiment was initiated by teachers from several Moscow schools with the support of the Network Association of Methodists (COM). Let’s make a reservation right away: the Internet class is not an ordinary school class. It is located on the Internet, and its students can be located in various parts of the country. About the first results of the experiment to the correspondent "WG" Elena Afrina, a physics teacher at the Moscow gymnasium N 1567, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, said: – At first, teachers from Moscow schools teaching physics, biology, geography, chemistry and astronomy took part in the experiment. Then colleagues from Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha, Barnaul and several rural schools of the Altai Territory joined in. Schools of Samara and Togliatti worked with us. And in the town of Strezhevoy, Tomsk Region, the guys studied at a computer center. The idea was to explore the possibility of delivering lessons through the World Wide Web. This is especially convenient for those who do not have a teacher at school for any subject. In addition, there are children who, for one reason or another, cannot attend a regular school: for example, disabled children. The same applies to hospital schools. That is, we tried to create a learning system that, if necessary, would allow the student to fill in the gaps in his education. There were many difficulties. First of all, the teacher himself must master the ability to lead "virtual lessons", because there is no similar domestic experience. As there are, however, no methodological solutions. One could, of course, use foreign experience, but the Western education system is very different from ours. This means that there are no ready-made recipes. We also faced another difficulty: how to check how well a student understood the material? For this, the capabilities of the system were used "ASSISTANT PROFESSOR" (Distance learning center), which, say, allows you to track how much time a student spent on studying a particular topic, from what attempt he correctly answered homework questions, etc. I must say that such a training system does not require a long "seating" at computer. Usually an occupation called "sit down", takes about thirty minutes, and this is enough for the student to assimilate a certain amount of information. However, this is only the minimum for "mandatory part" educational material. For those who wish to practice the full program, the system has many additional moves. The tasks were designed for different levels of preparation of schoolchildren. Moreover, many children were not satisfied with the first results obtained. For example, we had a student Anton, who, on his own initiative, took the astronomy test 16 times until he received "five"… Teachers also developed special integrated tasks that required looking at some problem in physics, for example, from the perspective of astronomy, chemistry, biology or geography. In addition, we had the opportunity to make video recordings of the physical experiments being conducted. This is very important, as many schools now lack laboratory equipment. And how to study physics or chemistry without visual experiments? It would seem that today this problem could be solved by training courses recorded and released by commercial firms on CD-ROMs. But often they are breeding grounds for blunders, especially in pictures that illustrate the laws of physics. So on CD "Physicus" at least seven screenshots have them. For example, it is written that a body on the Moon has a mass six times less than on Earth … Mass, as you know, is a constant value, only weight can change. Soon, separate sections of educational virtual courses will appear on the Internet, which were tested during the experiment: in physics – this is a section of mechanics (E. Afrina), in chemistry – the basics of the structure of matter (L. Alikberova), in astronomy – the solar system (A. Kirichenko ), in biology – a course in genetics (T. Goridchenko), in geography – a large fragment of an introductory course on the lithosphere (A. Krylov). But it is not yet known whether this work will continue. The fact is that teachers, and primarily from the regions, participated in the experiment on a purely voluntary basis. But money is required to support their servers and programs, and a lot. Now the teachers have found them, but tomorrow – the question. With reliable funding and state support, in the future, not only an Internet class, but also the first Internet school may appear in the country. Date: 15.07.2003 Title: Alma Mater – mother or stepmother? Author: EDITORIAL Edition: MOSKOVSKIY KOMSOMOLETS Go there, I don’t know where, get it, I don’t know that the Institute of Arts is a forge of stars. They come here with rough diamonds, and come out with sparkling diamonds. There was a problem in one of these forges. The State Specialized Institute of Arts issues diplomas to graduates that they consider invalid.